Poster Calendar 2021

PHP ₱60.00

SIZE: 10.50 X 24.00 Inches

PAGES: 1 Poster & 12 Pages

CALENDAR PADS: The Pad Calendar is composed of 1 Poster and 12 Pages corresponding to the 12 Months, reproducing the same pictures and text of the Pope's Calendar 2021 on 500 YEARS OF CHRISTIANITY IN THE PHILIPPINES. In between there is a white space, 10.50 x 4.00 Inches, for the free advertisement. We have a selection of 51 beautiful poster pictures of Mary and Saints.   

CUSTOMIZED ADVERTISEMENT SPACE: For a minimum of 50 pieces, also assorted, we can customize the advertisement space (any color, text, or logo). Contact us through e-mail for more details.

CUSTOMIZED THE WHOLE CALENDAR: For a minimum of 500 pieces, we can customize the advertisement space and the picture. Contact us thought email for more details.

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