St. Benedict's Ornament

The St. Benedicts' Ornament, also know as "St. Benedict's Doornub", are stainless rims with the Benedictine Crucifix; the Medal of St. Benedict, and the Medal of the Immaculate Conception.

They are to be placed at the entry points of houses and properties, such as doors, windows, and gates.

Including a 40-Page PRAYER BOOKLET  (size 3.00”x3.00”), and a TRANSPARENT PLASTIC BOX.

Available in six Colors: AZURE, BLUE, GREEN, RED, SILVER, GOLD.

SUMMARY: The ST. BENEDICT’S ORNAMENT consists of a stainless rim with the Benedictine Crucifix, to protect from evil spirits; the Medal of St. Benedict, imbedded with the Latin acronyms of the...

PHP ₱349.00

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