St. Benedict's Ornament

PHP ₱329.00

SUMMARY: The ST. BENEDICT’S ORNAMENT consists of a stainless rim with the Benedictine Crucifix, to protect from evil spirits; the Medal of St. Benedict, imbedded with the Latin acronyms of the prayer of exorcism; and the Medal of the Immaculate Conception. It should be blessed by a Priest and placed at the entry points of our houses and properties, such as doors, windows, and gates, to ward off the roaming Demons with a stern command: “Get away Satan, this house belongs to Jesus Christ!”

It includes a PRAYER BOOK with the Medal’s explanation, approved blessing and prayers; the Prayers to St. Michael and the Guardian Angel; the Prayer for Deliverance from Evil Spirits, Prayer to Take Authority, and The Fatima Prayer; the Prayer of Exorcism of Leo XIII, and the Blessing of St. Maurus Over the Sick. Pages 40; size 3.00x3.00”.

Both items are inserted in a transparent plastic box.


Available in six colors: AZURE, BLUE, GREEN, RED, SILVER, GOLD.

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