Beautiful and educational 2019 CALENDARS ON ANGELS IN THE NEW TESTAMENT; available in four formats: Mini Table, Table, Wall, and Pad Calendar. In the New Testament there are 17 apparitions of Angels, beginning with Gabriel appearing to Zechariah and to the Virgin Mary. St. Joseph had four dreams about angels, who gave warning and instructions about Mary and the Child Jesus. The shepherds of Bethlehem saw the Heavenly Hosts on Christmas Eve. Angels were sent to assist Jesus in the desert and at Gethsemane. They appeared four times on the first Easter Sunday; and two of them announced Christ's Return after his Ascension. At the end of times, the Angels will take center stage: St. Michael will defeat Satan at Armageddon and cast into Hell forever; the Angels will accompany and assist  Christ at  the Last Judgment; after which, they will sing forever the glory of God in Paradise. 

PAGES: 1 Poster & 12 Pages

SIZE: 10.50 X 24.00 Inches

PHP ₱60.00


SIZE: 3.00 X 5.00

PHP ₱48.00


SIZE: 8.50 X 5.75

PHP ₱80.00


SIZE: 11.25" x 18.25"

PHP ₱154.00

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