Ang Bag-ong Rosaryo (Cebuano)

PHP ₱78.00

SUMMARY:      This illustrated Guide has a complete Set of Prayers, Litany, History, Explanation and Promises of the Holy Rosary. Each Mystery includes a Color Picture, Gospel Reading, and Meditation. Updated with the Mysteries of Light (2002)  it is important for every Catholic faithful, especially students.

LANGUAGE:     Cebuano

PAGES:            64, all in glossy paper and colorful illustrations.

SIZE:                4.00" X 6.00"

AUTHOR:          Rev. Fr. Paolo O. Pirlo, SHMI

EDITION:           1st Edition, 27 October 2002, Parañaque City, Philippines.

ISBN:                978-971-92520-6-5

PUBLISHER:     Sons of Holy Mary Immaculate-Quality Catholic Publications, Parañaque City, Philippines

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