Pope's Bracelet Ruby

PHP ₱229.00

SUMMARY:      The POPE’S BRACELET RUBY is made of 14 natural stones (10 mm diameter), joined by elastic garter, with the signature Cross of Pope Francis and the Miraculous Medal. This elegant Rosary Bracelet comes complete with a 68-pages Prayer Book on "The Holy Rosary," and a Transparent Plastic Box, with Red Velvet Lining and Metal Clips.

The RUBY, whose name originates from the Latin word "ruber", meaning “red,” is a gemstone that enhances vital energy, thus removing exhaustion and depression. Rubies have always enjoyed high esteem in Asian countries, especially in India and China, where they were embedded beneath the foundations of buildings to secure good fortune. Although the Ruby is of great value, the Bible says that there are two things more precious than rubies: “Wisdom” (Job 28:18); and, “The wife of noble character” (Proverbs 31:10).

LANGUAGE:     English.

CONTENT:        1 Ruby Rosary Bracelet, with Pope Francis' Cross and the Miraculous Medal;

                        1 Mini Prayer Book on "The Holy Rosary" (Pages 68, Size 2.15" X 3.00").

                        1 Transparent Plastic Box, with Red Velvet Lining and Metal Clips.

BOX SIZE:         3.50" X 3.50"

EDITION:           2nd Edition, 15 August 2016, Parañaque City, Philippines.

PUBLISHER:     Sons of Holy Mary Immaculate-Quality Catholic Publications, Isabella De Rosis St., Multinational Village, 1708 Parañaque City, Philippines

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