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SUMMARY:      The POPE’S ROSARY TIGER'S EYE is made of 8 mm natural stones, joined by stainless steel, and with the signature Cross of Pope Francis. This valuable Rosary comes complete with a 68-pages Prayer Book on "The Holy Rosary," an elegant Velvet Jewelry Box, and a Laminated Paper Package.

The TIGER’S EYE is a gemstone whose red-golden colour resembles the eye of a Bengal Tiger. For this reason, it represents deep intelligence and  mysterious insights. Since the magnificent tiger dominates all other creatures in the jungle, the stone is believed to remove fear and impart a feeling of safety and protection, particularly during travel. It also improves the user’s integrity, willpower, self-confidence, practicality and proper use of power, and it is associated with good luck and prosperity.

LANGUAGE:     English.

CONTENT:        1 Tiger's Eye Stone Rosary, with Pope Francis' Cross;

                        1 Mini Prayer Book on "The Holy Rosary" (Pages 68, Size 2.15" X 3.00").

                        1 Velvet Jewelry Box.

BOX SIZE:         4.50" X 3.50"

EDITION:           2nd Edition, 15 August 2016, Parañaque City, Philippines.

PUBLISHER:     Sons of Holy Mary Immaculate-Quality Catholic Publications, Isabella De Rosis St., Multinational Village, 1708 Parañaque City, Philippines

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